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Legend of Pickle Ornament

Long ago in Germany the pickle legend began. The wheres and why are unknown but it is something now enjoyed by the entire family. The last ornament placed on the tree is done after the children are tucked in bed and is a small green pickle. It is hung with care and is hidden amongst the other ornaments tucked within the tree. The younger the child the larger the pickle ornament that is hidden so that as the child ages the pickle gets smaller making it more difficult to find.

Hunting for the pickle ornament slows down the sometimes frantic rush to the tree and the enticing packages beneath. They will search through all their known ornaments and their eyes will pass over all the ornaments given them by parents and grandparents in their search for the lone pickle.

As an adult I enjoy decorating our tree each year as I get to recall all the memories tied up in the boxes of ornaments going back to my great grandmother in Germany. The pickle will add yet another memory for your own children and their children to come.

The lucky child to find the pickle ornament can get a special treat. Perhaps they can be first to open a present or get the place of honor at the Christmas table. Whatever you decide it will be a special time. Memories are made like anything else and the care you take with them gives them a lasting quality.